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PENDING! Missouri Bend - Alsea 1,800 MBF Forest and Timber Land Sales in Oregon

Property Details

Price: $630,000

State: Oregon

County: Benton

Nearest Community: Alsea

Total Acres: 110 m/l

Forest Acres: 47.5 harvestable acres

Timber Volume: 1,825 MBF (38.1 net mbf/acre)

Property Zoning: FC (Forest Conservation)

Listing Broker: Fred Sperry

Phone: (541) 868-6567


Property Description

Nearly 110 acres of beautiful Oregon Coast Range forestland. Estimated 1,800 MBF of 50-70 year-old timber.

Adjacent to the BLM, this property has great recreation potential as well as a boatload of nice Douglas-fir! The ridgetop road gives access to a beautiful, secluded and peaceful campsite.

There is an estimated 1,700 MBF(net) of harvestable Douglas-fir with some cedar, and ~125 MBF of maple and alder. The estimated volume on the 47+ acres that can be harvested is 38 MBF(net) per acre!

~55 acres in the southern portion are off-limits to harvesting (steep slopes). This area will remain for you to enjoy in its beautiful and natural state. In establishing the list price, no value was given to these acres. However, they provide much in the way of intangible values such as aesthetics and oneness with nature. Buyers are encouraged to explore the carbon offset market! Post-harvest of the timber in the northern portion you will be blessed with a fantastic view of the Alsea River and the surrounding valley.

There is approximately 500 feet of Alsea that may have limited recreation value.  It is a narrow strip between the river and the highway.