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Carlisle (60 ac) Forest and Timber Land Sales in Oregon

Property Details

Price: $232,200

State: Oregon

County: Lincoln

Nearest Community: Toledo

Total Acres: 60 (GIS Acres)

Forest Acres: 60

Timber Volume: Well-stocked pre-merch

Property Zoning: Timber Conservation (TC)

Listing Broker: Fred Sperry / Bill Marre

Phone: (541) 868-6567 / (503) 260-8509


Property Description

47.5 acres of fast-growing 26-year-old Douglas-fir. High site ground near Toledo OR. This is one of 4 tracts being marketed as Stimson South Lincoln County Block. 560 combined acres. $2,113,800 for the 4 tracts.

Site Class II, highly productive, investment grade timberland.  Predominantly 26 year-old well-stocked Douglas-fir. Carlisle Creek (a medium fish stream) bisects the property. Access is via rocked roads. 

It will be ready for final harvest in 15-20 years. It can be commercially thinned (cable) in the near future.

Sleep better at night knowing that at least some of your portfolio is constantly growing in size and value! Trees just keep growing no matter what craziness goes on in the stocks and bonds world. 

Contact Fred Sperry or Bill Marre for access instructions.