9 new listings in the works! Forest and Timber Land Sales in Oregon

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1) 212 Acres on Mosby Ck near Cottage Grove, OR. Zoned EFU E40. 2) 69 Acres on Perkins Ck Rd near Cottage Grove, OR. Zoned F2. 3) 723 Acres near Chesire, OR. Zoned F1. 4) 78 Acres on Swamp Ck. Rd, Blachley, OR. Zoned F1. 5) 273 Acres near Cottage Grove (Dorena), OR. 168 acres zoned F2. 66 acres zoned F1. 6) 104 Acres on the Mohawk River, Lane County, OR. Zoned F1. 7) 65 Acres on Kizer Creek Rd, Cottage Grove, OR. Zoned F2. 8) 116 Acres on High Pass Rd, Junction City, OR. Zoned F2. 9) 162 Acres on beautiful Gate Creek, Vida, OR . Zoned F2

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