Forestland Investment Forest and Timber Land Investment, Oregon

10 Good Reasons to Invest in Forest Land

1) Competitive returns: forest land returns compare well with alternative investments.

2) Flexible market timing. Poor log markets? Let it grow. Strong markets? Sell your timber when it will bring you the greatest income.

3) Opportunities to improve productivity – and returns – through wise forest management.

4) Portfolio diversification. Forest land has a low correlation to the stock market.

5) Low volatility. Log values may fluctuate but forest land values are relatively stable because of the ability time the market.

6) Inflation hedge. Forest land over the long term – particularly younger forests – have been shown to be a potential hedge against inflation.

7) Potential for non-timber revenues. Ecosystem services, special forest products, hunting and recreation, etc., are potential non-timber revenue sources.

8) Land is finite. Forest land even more so.

9) Demographics. Population demographics in the U.S. and abroad point toward higher demand for forest products.

10) It is an investment you can enjoy! Touch it. Feel it. Work on it. Play on it. Introduce your children and grandchildren to the beauty, sounds and serenity of nature. Try doing that with your stocks and bonds!

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Our Featured Forest Properties

Johnson Family Trust (Sealed bid auction) - Sealed Bid Auction - No Reserve. Owner reserves right to refuse any and all offers.

SEALED BID AUCTION. ~2,017 MBF. An estimated 1,663 MBF of 65-70 year-old timber is ready for harvest. This private and secluded property is perfect for an escape from the heat, dust and allergens of the Valley. The younger timber, hardwoods and streams will preserve the peace and tranquility even after the older timber is harvested.

Monmouth Timberland with Vineyard & Residential Potential - $825,000

Seclusion and privacy could be yours on this ~88 acre tree farm with varied ages of Doug-fir timber ranging from 10 to 40+ years old.

Washington Co. Home Site & Tree Farm - $450,000

Easily accessible to the Portland Metro Area via the Sunset Hwy, this property offers a quiet, secluded home site along with a well-managed, investment grade forest.